Ariana Grande: Is She Trying Too Hard?

There are mixed reactions to the pop star’s performances, but it’s impossible to resist the love of her music


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Famous music artist Ariana Grande is one to today’s most popular pop stars.

Charlotte Hawn, Reporter

Ariana Grande is the famous music artist that many teens in listen to. Since the release of her newest album, “Positions,” it is impossible to resist the love of her music. But some people question whether or not this singing star is trying too hard. Some say that she is completely whiny while others say that her singing is very good. 

My opinion on Ariana Grande’s music is opinionated. Yes, she does try too hard sometimes, but she is a really good singer overall. I like how she isn’t super dramatic about her singing and expresses herself through her voice. Whenever she sings, all of her passion comes flooding out and it’s just so lovely to see her doing what she enjoys. She’s not afraid to put herself in the spotlight. “Positions” is the best album yet that she has released. I like a lot of songs on her album but my favorite song on there is “Positions.”

Ariana Grande has released numerous albums including: “Thank u next,” “Sweetener,” “My everything,” and more. She also has released a Christmas album. She has received numerous awards like the American Music Awards and two Grammys. Ariana’s voice pitch is a lot like Sofia Carson, another famous music artist and actor. 

Some of Ariana Grande’s songs on her albums are explicit, which means that they have bad words in them. Explicit songs are not the greatest because they encourage kids to say them when they’re not supposed to. Some parents are ok with letting their kids listen to Ariana’s explicit songs like my friend, Lily’s parents; but some parents aren’t ok with it like mine.