Stressed Out

Students speak out about dealing with stress


Kaylin Schwandner

Many different things can trigger stress in anyone at any age.

Kaylin Schwandner, Reporter

Stress can have a large impact on mental health, happiness, and grades. This can be very overwhelming especially with all the other things students have to take care of at the same time.

Studies show over 50% of students reported feeling stressed and 25% reported that homework was their biggest source of stress. On average, teens are spending one-third of their study time feeling stressed, anxious, or stuck.

“It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if your brain is constantly having to respond to stress,” said Marc Brackett, who is the founder and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a professor in the Child Study Center of Yale University.

It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if your brain is constantly having to respond to stress.”

— Marc Brackett

Some students here at LHS would say that the amount of work we do is a reasonable amount. 

“Sometimes we are given too much work and not enough time to do it,” sophomore Kylie Beard said. 

Students at Liberty reported that they spend two or more hours on homework a day, and that is after the seven-hour school day, plus sports and activities. 

“Being at school and going to school doesn’t stress me out but the amount of work we do in class plus the stuff we do at home can be stressful,” said sophomore Grace Richardson said. “We all have lives outside of school too.”

Grades are a very important part of a high school student’s everyday life, some would even say the most important thing. 

Sophomore Chloyee Jones said, “I check my grades at least three times a day mostly because I want to have good grades and they constantly change over the simplest grades.”

Stress can take over your whole life but there are many things you can do to stop it. Having a routine can help put an order to the chaos. Having a plan and knowing what the week ahead of you looks like can and will help you keep calm. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because sometimes two people working is better than one. Stress can take over your life but you don’t have to let it.