FCCLA Collects 39 Pairs Of Jeans To Donate To Teens In Need


LHS Publications

Members of FCCLA and others have been working to redesign donated jeans.

Abbiegail Luker, Reporter

This year, FCCLA participated in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) events, a competition in which you work to solve problems in your community and share the process. President Kiersyn Roberson, Co-President Sara Reth, and member Mitchell Luker organized a jean drive. 

There were 39 pairs of jeans that were donated, and many members of FCCLA and others have been working to redesign these jeans. Each member of the group contributed to buying the paint, bringing in painting supplies, and buying a poster board. Currently, they’re in the process of creating the presentation for the contest.

“We are collecting jeans to redesign, fix, and possibly modernize,” Reth said. “Then we will donate them to ‘Teens in Need.’” There are many different subjects to choose from and FCCLA chose the “community” aspect. 

“We are working to provide for teens in need of clothes, and we are adding our own spin to their design,” Reth said.  

This STAR group chose to do a jean drive because they are a common household item, they’re recyclable, and can provide more warmth now that the temperature is sinking. They’re also individually painting and embroidering the donated jeans. 

“We can provide them with modern clothes but without the price tag,” Reth stated.