Student Council Decks The Halls

Liberty continues the tradition of celebrating the holidays through hand-painted signs and hallway decorations


Sruthi Ramesh

Aleigha Schnable (12), Brody Marino (9), and Carly Torbit (12) work together to hang up a decoration for Mr. Tutterow’s door.

Sruthi Ramesh, Editor-In-Chief of LHStoday

Since Liberty’s infancy, the Student Council has taken it upon themselves to get students into the holiday spirit during the last month of the calendar year. “Deck the Halls” is a tradition that started when the building only consisted of two hallways and has now grown into a major affair on Liberty’s expansive campus. 

“As a school, I think it keeps the spirit alive especially when we nearing the end of the semester,” said Student Council sponsor Mrs. Shafer. “Things can get kind of challenging and dreary as it gets colder and darker so I think all the doors and the decorations bring a little more spirit into the end of the semester.”

Each member of the Student Council is responsible for painting and creating 2-4 door covers for teachers. These, along with other hallway decorations, are then hung up right before the student goes on Thanksgiving break. When students return, the entire school is transformed into a festive holiday-themed wonderland. 

This year, the council began their painting efforts on Nov. 8 and had a goal to finish all decorating by Nov. 23. This includes door decorations, hallway decorations, and foyer decorations.

Each of the hallways are given specific themes, to which their doors fit in. The themes this year are: 

  • 100 Hallway: Christmas Movies
  • 200 Hallways: Rockin’ Around Liberty
  • 300 Hallway: Winter Punderland
  • 400 Hallway: Everything under the Christmas Tree
  • 600 Hallway: Welcome To The North Swole
Ally Quirk (11) hangs up a door decoration that reads ” We are smitten for winter”. (Sruthi Ramesh)

“I like the holiday season and I know [the decorations] bring[s] everyone here joy,” said senior Anna Weber. “It’s a new scenery that invites the fun of the holidays into school life.”

Weber was a part of the Student Council her sophomore year in 2019, which was the last time that students and staff saw the school campus decked out in the holiday decorations. Because of the time elapsed since the last round of door decks, many don’t remember what it looked like, and most have never seen it before.

Reintroducing this tradition to Liberty is another way for the council to increase spirit within the school, as they have been aiming to do this entire school year.