School Board Introduces Attendance Incentive To WSD Staff

Teachers can now expect a bonus of up to $700 depending on their attendance for the remainder of the school year


Paige Bostic

Teachers are being offered monetary incentive to maintain attendance.

Paige Bostic, Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Ledger

As the Eagles continue soaring through the school year, they may notice a staffing struggle among the teachers. Bus reassignments over the intercom have become a daily ritual and teachers seem to be stepping in as substitutes during the plan period. This staffing shortage has led to attendance incentives from the district to the teachers to encourage them to be at school as much as possible. The district sent a now-closed Google Form to the teachers, detailing options for them to vote on to determine which incentive would be the best.

Option one of the incentives covered Nov. 29 to the end of the student calendar. Teachers who miss six days will receive a $200 incentive, teachers who miss five days will receive $300, teachers who miss four days will receive $500 and teachers who miss three days or less will receive $700. Teachers who miss over six days will not be eligible for an incentive. This option does not count absences due to COVID-19 quarantine days. 

Option two of the incentive covered Nov. 29 to winter break, return from winter break to spring break and return from spring break to the end of the student calendar. Teachers who have one or fewer absences from Nov. 29 to winter break will receive a $200 bonus and a $250 bonus for one or fewer absences in between the return from winter break to spring break. Teachers who have one or fewer absences between the return from spring break to the end of the student calendar will receive a $250 incentive. 

There were 1,723 staff members who participated in this survey on which option they prefer, and the most popular option will be put into place on Nov. 29. The running was close, but the most popular option was Option Two with 851 responses. Option One received 843 responses. 

The survey faced criticism from some school board members for “forcing” teachers into work at the sensitive time we are in, and for not providing a clear date for a day off. The board voted approve option two and also to provide a mental health day non-attendance day for staff in February 2022. 

According to an email sent by the district to staff, it will “continue to explore a date and update you as soon as a decision is made.”