The Challenges Of Being A New Student In High School

Kaya Egeler, Reporter

Once you start high school it is hard enough, but having to join in the middle of a semester is the worst. Everyone has already made friends or has friends from middle or elementary school. You’ll have to try to understand what is going on in class because everyone has already started learning different things that you have no idea about. The worst feeling is being in either class, lunch or the hallways and seeing everyone talking and hanging out with their friends while you know no one. 

We interviewed a new LHS student, freshman Mikayla Castillo. 

Mikayla Castillo

Q: What are the difficulties of being a new student?

A: “I don’t know anyone at the school, and there are lots of people that I bump into.”

Q: What is the hardest part about being at a new school?

A: “All my relationships are ruined.”

Q: Most difficult class?

A: “Math right now because I’m behind.”

Q: What is your favorite part of this school?

A: “Stage, auditorium and the theater room.” 

Q: Dislikes of this school?

A: “The school is too big.”

We also interviewed theater teacher Ms. Gehrke.

Ms. Gehrke says one of the challenges new students face is “finding people to connect with and a place where they feel like they can be themselves.” (Kaya Egeler)

Ms. Gehrke

Q: What do you think is the hardest part for new students?

A: “Finding people to connect with and a place where they feel like they can be themselves.”

Q: What (would you say) is the hardest part of having a new student join your class?

A: “Getting them caught up and finding out what they already know, especially with an acting class, trying to get them comfortable with everyone in the class.”

Q: What is the easiest part of teaching a new student?

A: “Gives an opportunity to make a real connection with someone 1 on 1, which you can’t do on the first day of school.”

Q: What is the most difficult part of teaching a new student?

A: “Keeping in mind that there are things they won’t know or procedures that I sometimes forget I need to teach again. Sometimes it’s hard to find in a class to set aside to make sure that the student has everything they need.”