Chloe Velcheck & Neurology


submitted by Chloe Velcheck

Chloe Velcheck has aspirations to achieve her goal of being a neurologist.

Brooke Ohearn, Reporter

Chloe Velcheck is a senior who wants to be a neurologist and learn more about certain diseases. Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the nervous system. 

Not many people are aware of all the work that goes into being a neurologist, but Chloe is. 

Alzheimer’s is on both sides of my family and both of my great grandpas died from it,” she said. 

To Velcheck, Alzheimer’s is more than a disease, she wants to learn more about it and to help people who have it. She is currently working at SSM with Alzheimer’s patients and stroke patients. 

“I have always loved medicine and working at the hospital has just kept pushing me to want to reach my goal.”

Her goal is to go to Mizzou, and major in biology. She hopes to do undergrad research, then plans to go to a four-year medical school and complete a residency in neurology.