Layla Thornton & Being A Big Sister


Photo submitted by Layla Thornton

Layla Thornton (far right) with her mom (Jessica), dad (Kevin), brother (Sullivan, far left), sister (Charlotte, right), and youngest sister (Cecilia, center).

Kylie Dawn Beard, Reporter

Little siblings look up to their older sibling(s)for just about everything. Layla Thornton, a freshman, is the oldest of four children in her household. She has two sisters and one brother.

“I am very blessed to be in a very good home with parents who set good examples for us kids of how to treat each other,” Thornton said. She describes her relationship with her siblings as “very strong.” “Obviously, we have our fights, lots of them actually, but it somehow doesn’t take a toll on our relationship.”

Thornton believes her responsibilities as a big sister are to guide her siblings and set good examples. 

“I am a very social person and in many ways have set an example for them on who to surround yourself with, what good friends look like, how to be involved and being kind to everyone,” Thornton said. When asked what her message to all of the older siblings out there is, Thornton says: “Always set an example. Keep in mind your little siblings are watching your every move and want to be just like you. Love them well and always be there for them, because someday you’re going to need them.” 

Outside of being a big sister, Thornton is also very involved in her faith. She is part of Breakdown St. Louis, a non-profit organization that educates, equips, and empowers teens to make healthy life decisions. Thornton is a football and basketball manager at LHS, and finds joy in supporting her friends. When she graduates, she wants to travel the world as a missionary- medical, or ministry. 

Thornton believes it’s extremely important to be a people person and show love to everyone, no matter where they are at in life.

“Including everyone and give a smile because you never know what they need,” she said.