What Is That Noise?

Liberty changes the sound of the bell


Emily Barnett

New and unfamiliar sounds have replaced the old school bell that rings throughout the day.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

If you pay attention to school at all, then by now you have noticed that the hallway bells do not ring the typical chime that students and staff are accustomed to. Over the four-day weekend, a new bell system was installed by Landon North who works on technology for the district. The reason for the adjustment is due to a few small reasons.

On days of early releases, Wednesday schedules and late starts, secretaries would have to manually do the bells because of the schedule change. The new system is able to ring automatically for any type of school day. 

The new bell sound is also being installed across the district to unify the schools so they all have the same sound. The new bell rings at the end of a class period, uses a doorbell sound as a warning bell, and then proceeds to ring as a tardy bell. 

Many students were surprised and even a little alarmed to hear the bell on the first day back from their four-day weekend.

I disagree with the new bells (…) the bells sound weird. They don’t sound correct,” junior Madeliene Tharp said. Tharp is one of the students who object to the switch. 

“They are training us like dogs, one minute bell is a doorbell and the other bells are dog whistles. I know it is to make us pay more attention to catch our eye and ear, but the original bell was nice and you could hear it a lot better,” said senior Doris Earle.

Sophomore Dalton Rice thinks that waiting for the old bell was exciting but that the new sound leaves the students in a dreary mood. 

“The bell changed from being like (…)‘hey this class is over,’ and now it’s like ‘you have another class coming’,” said Rice.