Summers Joins the LHS Staff

Ms. Summers gets her first teaching job, taking over in the math department


Sydney Davis

Recently completely college, Ms. Summers chose to become a teacher, specifically in math.

Sydney Davis, Reporter

After finishing student teaching in December, Courtney Summers was ready to jump at the opportunity to take over for Mr. Leonard. 

Ms. Summers wanted a job that didn’t feel like work, so she chose to become a math teacher. Summers stated that for many students math was a struggle subject, so she wanted to be the one to change that. 

“Their confidence in it is just so low, and if I can be that one teacher that tells them that ‘you can do math, math is not uncomfortable for anyone to do, everyone can do math.’ So, that’s why I chose math.”

Ms. Summers also mentioned how welcoming all of the teachers in her hall have been. Whenever she needed something, they have been there to help. 

“Ms. Summers is a great addition to our staff,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Pryor. “She is positive, hardworking, and excited to be an Eagle. Ms. Summers is prepared for lessons each day. She has been willing to ask her department for help getting started. Liberty’s math department has been great in welcoming and preparing Ms. Summers.”

Learn More About Ms. Summers:

Going home-decor shopping with her family is one of her favorite things to do while she is in the middle of building a house. She also enjoys going turkey hunting in her free time. Ms. Summers has traveled to and through countless states, hoping to get married in Montana sometime in May. Virginia Beach has been her favorite location to visit because of the warm tropical weather and touring. Alaska is the next vacation destination, after she gets married. Her favorite memory was when her daughter was born.