Indigenous Peoples: The History We Forget

An artists depiction of Christopher Columbus encountering a Native American tribe.

Wikipedia Commons

An artist’s depiction of Christopher Columbus encountering a Native American tribe.

Kaya Egeler, Reporter

Indigenous People. We don’t learn much about them in school or really anywhere. The only thing we really ever learned about them was the “Thanksgiving Feast.” Even if you don’t know about what happened or anything about Indigenous-American history, just with a small Google search (here’s a link if you want to learn more about Indigenous history) you can find so much about what really happened and the horrible things we forget. 

We all learned about Christopher Columbus at some point in school but we never were actually taught what really happened. Curriculum told us that he “found America,” when he really found the homeland of the “Arawak” tribe.  Throughout the years, the Indigenous people of America have been through a multitude of things from getting into a war over their homeland, to being k*lled by white people for just living, to now not even being able to go to college for free. 

Something needs to change, from the lies we are taught in school to Americans pushing Indigenous people away to the outskirts of society. All Americans need to be taught or at the least educated about the hardships and the trauma that the Indigenous have had to suffer through.