Four Senior One Acts Set To Take The Stage

Senior theatre students direct their own plays April 28-29


Sean Bruce (12) prepares to co-direct “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet,” with Brynn Bartram (12).

Emily Barnett, Reporter

The theatre department is working its way onto continuing senior one acts after nearly three years of halting the newfound tradition.

Senior-directed one acts were supposed to be an annual event. The first and last senior-directed one acts occurred in 2019. COVID-19 happened, and last year there wasn’t enough time or interest to pick it back again.

“We’re hoping to bring them back this year and keep them running annually from this point forward,” Ms. Gehrke said.

This year four different one-acts will occur: 

  • “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet” directed by Brynn Bartram and Sean Bruce
  • “One Mingled in Entwining Love” original script written and directed by Jackson Martin
  • “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” directed by Cleopatra Mozolewski
  • “A Murdered Mystery” directed by Amanda Yoder

As far as the process goes, these acts will be entirely student-run. Auditions were held March 16-17 in room 506 after school. Rehearsals will run for four weeks and performances will be from April 28-29. These five students will be working on short 15-45 minute plays. 

While the groundwork behind these spectacular performances is still yet to be done, there is high anticipation for the upcoming weeks.

“I am really excited to do it because it is a senior tradition we haven’t been able to do in a while,” said director Sean Bruce. 

One-acts are still such a new process that there aren’t a lot of expectations set in place. Director Jackson Martin, who has looked forward to bringing back one-acts since his freshman year, is hoping that audiences will be able to look at his self-written play in retrospect to earlier performances.

 “(…) All previous one acts have been comedies, if with a somewhat dark undertone. My play is quite the dark piece, and I’m hoping those who follow this class will not be afraid to bring more serious subjects to the stage,” said Martin. 

Performances will be held April 28-29.