Truman University Choir Visits Liberty

Truman’s choir Cantoria performs for Liberty’s choir


Emily Barnett

Dr. Mark Jennings speaks about the backstory of a song that Cantoria performed.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

Since choir director Mr. Datz’s arrival to Liberty, our choir program has found more ways to expand and explore possibilities. Truman State’s top choir, Cantoria, directed by Dr. Mark Jennings, had a chance to visit Liberty to perform and connect with high school choir students. It was a special moment for the choir because Truman’s choir is Datz’s alma mater.

“It was great to see my former professor and hear the choir I used to be in,” Datz said.

The performance was also special for senior Amanda Yoder whose older sister, Michelle, is one of the Cantoria performers. The students have seen Truman perform a few times before and always enjoy seeing the choir perform. Dr. Jennings would pick a random song from their book, and on the spot, the choir would have to pick up and sing the song.

“The choir was outstanding. I hear my sister sing around my house all the time, but seeing her sing in a choir is a whole different experience,” Yoder said. Even though Yoder doesn’t plan on going to Truman or joining a choir in college, she was blown away by the group.

Seniors in choir appreciate the experience to learn and look up to students who participate in choir in college. It is really important for students to be able to look up to older kids who are talented and share the same passion for singing.

Honestly, I felt like it was pretty cool when we heard them perform because we got to hear what we’re going to be prepared to do if we continue to college. So, having Truman come down from their ivory tower and sing to us really helped pave the way,” senior Aiden Yowell said.