High School Teams Share Track With Frontier Middle

The 2022 track season is off to a successful start


Grace Richardson

Frontier Middle School pole vaulters prepare to begin practice.

Grace Richardson, Reporter

The 2022 track season looks very promising to most coaches and athletes.

We’ve had a great start to this track season,” Coach Tutterrow said. “Kids are working hard and pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of.”

When asked about his predictions for the upcoming season, Coach Tutterrow stated: “I think we’re going to have a very strong showing at the conference meet and subsequent postseason meets.”

The first meet of the season on March 22 was very successful. 

For the sprinter team specifically, both the boys and girls’ teams did great. For the 4×400 meter relays the boys’ team had four teams enter and won first place and fourth place while the girls had three teams enter and took first place and also third place. 

This year the practices have been going very well too, and Frontier Middle school’s team has been practicing at Liberty. 

“I think it’s a good chance to see who could be practicing within the next few years,” sophomore Shae Earle said. “It’s a great opportunity to grow our program and get the middle schoolers excited.”

When asked how she feels practicing at Liberty, eighth-grader Kylie Richardson stated, “It’s a lot scarier considering the high school coaches are watching, but it’s fine because we don’t really do much with them.” She added that “the high schoolers are a little intimidating.” 

One of the main reasons the middle school has been practicing at Liberty is because they don’t have the proper equipment at their school. Earle states “because they don’t really have the resources at the Frontier, especially in the field event range, I think they’ll definitely get much better.”