Students & Staff Participate In Library Sora Challenge

Mrs. Oliva extends the Sora challenge deadline to April 14


Emily Barnett

Ms. Oliva’s llama tracker is colored and displayed in the back of the library so students and staff can see how close the school is at reaching the challenge goal.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

When you think of high school, you don’t typically think of students getting the opportunity to play with lots of cute and fluffy creatures. This year Liberty is excited about the arrival of its first baby animal petting zoo. The library had challenged the whole school to reach 150 Sora ebook readers and audiobook listeners by the end of March.

The challenge has now been extended to April 14 in order to give students and staff more time to complete the challenge. If they reach their goal, the baby animal petting zoo will be open to students and staff who completed the challenge and one friend who can accompany them. The zoo includes miniature bunnies, goats, sheep, chickens, a pig, a cow, and a donkey. 

Librarian Mrs. Oliva works hard to update the accomplishments using the library’s llama tracker.

“I’m confident we’ll reach our goal,” Oliva said.

Senior Ally Scudder is one of several students and staff who have completed the challenge.

I liked Sora because there are a lot of selections and it doesn’t add weight to my backpack because I don’t have a ton of books in my bag, but I also like having an actual copy of the book because I find it easier to read and keep my place and there is no eye strain,” Scudder said. Scudder is extremely excited about the petting zoo because she loves animals, especially baby and miniature animals.

If you’re new to Sora, check out this quick video to show you how to access the ebook and audiobook collection. To register for the Beanstack challenge, check out this quick video to show you how to sign up and start earning badges.