Swofford Basketball Game Set For April 14

Game will take place during the pep assembly


Sruthi Ramesh

Runa Swofford is the founder of the Swofford game that takes place at all Wentzville schools.

Blake Cunningham, Reporter

For more than 20 years, the Seniors vs. Faculty Swofford Game has been a Wentzville School District tradition. But due to COVID-19, the game hasn’t happened in a couple of years.

The annual seniors vs. faculty basketball game is coming back this year at Liberty, on April 14 during the pep assembly.

The game is a fundraiser for the Swofford scholarship, named after Scott Swofford. Swofford, a former Holt and Timberland Coach, loved WSD students and was wholly committed to lifting up and encouraging his students and athletes. After his sudden death, his wife Mrs. Runa Swofford began the tradition of the seniors vs. faculty game to help raise money for scholarship in his memory.

“Its a chance for the coaches, teachers and the players to play against each other for a good cause,” senior Jaden Betton said. He will be participating in the game, following his stellar season on the varsity boys basketball team.

At Liberty, we traditionally schedule the game near Prom, and play off of the Prom Theme for the year. Organizers come up with team names that both work with the theme. This year’s prom theme is “Enchanted Evening,” so the teams are the faculty as the “BIG BAD WOLVES” and the seniors as the “LITTLE PIGS.”

Seniors and faculty can sign up to either play on the basketball team or dance in the halftime show by going to Google Classroom (classroom code: rm7g3af). All students and faculty can buy a t-shirt to support their team and the scholarship at the same time. 

Donations to the Scott Swofford Memorial Fund can be made through Venmo to @Runa-Swofford or cash/check drop-offs to the Student Center.

Senior Players:

  • Landon Wagner 
  • Ally Schniepp
  • Diego Rocha-Gonzales
  • Brandon Kertz
  • Cleopatra Mozolewski 
  • Colby Adelsberger 
  • Donnie Redecker
  • Cooper Swift
  • Tess Roberts
  • Carson Clay
  • Kylee Orf
  • Jaden Betton
  • Adrian Lee
  • David Richard
  • Lukas Huesgen
  • Kevin Sweet
  • KJ Lyles
  • Alex Fillner
  • Rhett Douglas
  • Mackenzie Lively
  • Carter Yeakey
  • Jacob Sorge
  • Reece Davidson
  • Kimball Lowe
  • Sam Arrington

Faculty Players:

  • Luedecke
  • Glavin
  • Sodemann
  • Schumacher
  • Newton
  • Nowling
  • Kleekamp
  • Cole
  • Boswell
  • Kling
  • M. McFadden
  • Barker