“Enchanted Evening”: Prom Overview

Liberty’s first official post-Covid prom will take place at Old Hickory Golf Club on April 16


Sean Bruce

Liberty High School students look forward to the 2022 Prom, “Enchanted Evening.”

Sean Bruce, Reporter

As spring approaches, so does the 2022 Liberty High School Prom. The Junior-Senior Prom is scheduled to take place on April 16 at the Old Hickory Golf Club from 7-10 p.m. The theme of the night is “Enchanted Evening” so get your glass slippers and tiaras ready. 

Tickets for $60 will be available for sale in the cafeteria at lunch every day up until the dance. It is recommend to get your tickets early, because the price will be increasing as we get closer to prom night. Be sure to pay all of your school fees and fines ASAP as you will not be able to purchase a ticket otherwise. Forms for underclassmen and non-Liberty students to attend prom are also available at the ticket table.

Juniors and Seniors: Be sure to fill out the prom court and song request ballot that Dr. Kiely sent to student emails. Another thing to think about as we approach prom night is where you will eat with your group. Nobody wants to be the group of prom goers that has to wait an hour for a table. Be sure to call restaurants in advance and make reservations for prom night so your Enchanted Evening can be perfect as can be. 

Remember to stay safe at prom and enjoy your Enchanted Evening.