Recap: Be Kind Week

All you need to know about last week’s Be Kind/Spirit Week


Sarah Downs

Students gather around for a group photo in their Be Kind t-shirts.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

As Be Kind Week comes to an end, let’s recap what happened and what it was all about. This week students and staff members discussed and participated in many activities to help our school become a more positive and kind place. As members of this school, we all want a place to feel welcomed without any negatives, along with a place where we can cheer each other up, instead of bringing each other down.

Each day of the week in select hours, teachers were given an activity to give to their students, along with a certain thing to wear/dress as for spirit day. 

Monday/Gratitude Day  Students in their first hour class were told to fill out the first prompt in their Gratitude Journal. At the end of the week, the journal should be filled and students will have time to go back and reflect on what they wrote. The spirit day prompt was to dress up as someone you admire.

Tuesday/Integrity Day  In their first hour class, students were given a bingo sheet and told to fill it out. If a student(s) was able to get five in a row or a “bingo,” they had a chance to win a prize by turning it in to the Student Center during their passing period. Students also made sure to wear yellow and black for “BEE Honest” day.

Wednesday/Inclusiveness Day  In their 4th hour class, students were given blank pieces of paper to fill out a letter of thanks and turn it in, then on Friday these letters would be delivered and handed out around the school. As for spirit day, students showed team kindness by representing their extracurricular.

Mrs. Bollwerk and Mrs. Sachs classes created  the Be Kind tie dyed t-shirts. (Abbie Bollwerk)

Thursday/Digital Citizenship Day  In students’ 6th hour class, there was a social media challenge. Students were to upload on social media pictures or messages of their friends, family, favorite staff members, people they are proud of, and a famous person they admire. For spirit day, students made sure to wear their crocs, for finding comfort in kindness.

Friday/Mindfulness Day  For the last day of Be Kind Week, students in their 8th hour classes filled out a Kindness Week Reflection and finished their Gratitude Journals. And for the last spirit day, students cheered on kindness by wearing their Liberty gear or if received one, students attended in their Be Kind t-shirts.

Mrs. Bollwerk and Mrs. Sachs classes made the B Kind shirts, along with the art department who screen printed each one. Teachers then handed these shirts out to select students. If a student received a shirt, those students then would attend school wearing their shirt and would all get together for a group photo.