Class of 2023 Hosts First School-Sponsored Prom Since 2019

Many fun moments and memories made at “Enchanted Evening” prom


photo provided by Trotter

Liberty students dance at prom at Old Hickory Golf Club on April 16.

Grace Richardson, Reporter

Prom is not an event to be taken lightly. It takes months of planning and dedication. Rhett Cunningham was an organizer on the prom committee and said that preparation for the event began in the fall. 

“We started planning in November. It takes a while but all the hard work that goes into it turns out really cool,” Cunningham said.  

The 2022 prom, “Enchanted Evening,” was definitely one for the books. Due to COVID-19, this is the first prom hosted by Liberty in the past three years. The event took place on April 16 at the Old Hickory Golf Club from 7-10 p.m. 

Many enjoyed their night with friends at the Old Hickory Golf Club. When asked if the prom lived up to his expectations, junior Aidan Berry says, “It did. I had a ton of fun dressing up with my friends.”

Prom isn’t just about dancing and dressing up though. There are many activities before and after that play into the night as well.

“I think a lot of people had a fun night, dressing up beforehand, going out before, going out after, dancing with their friends, just having a really hype environment,” Cunningham said.  

Senior Ally Schniepp rated prom an 8/10.

“I had a lot of fun with my friends out on the dance floor, but the music was not really dancing music,” Schniepp said. “It was hard for me to dance to the music that was played because I’m not a good dancer. I just dance for fun. But my boyfriend and my friends really made my night by being stupid with me and not taking things too seriously.”

Hailey Jolliff and Tanner Gunn were voted as Prom King and Queen. 

Winning prom queen was very very cool,” Jolliff said. “Especially with not even going to Liberty all four years of my high school.”

Gunn campaigned for the votes of the student body, even making an Instagram to convince people to vote for him. “Winning was pretty grand,” Gunn said. “Just because of the sheer amount of people that were cheering. It was incredible.”