Seniors Celebrated On Main Stairs

Publications seniors receive recognition


Paige Bostic

A wall of seniors celebrate publications achievements.

Paige Bostic, Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Ledger

Senior Mollie Banstetter poses with her senior poster. (Paige Bostic)

On Tuesday, May 24, seniors in publications received recognition for their work through banners hung up on the main stairs. The banners featured the names and portraits of the seniors, put up as a special surprise to mark the publications Senior Night. 

“It was very cool to see that we got a banner because I’ve been in this program for four years,” explained senior Mollie Banstetter. “To see all of us seniors recognized was really nice.” Banstetter is the layout editor for the magazine, the Liberty Ledger. 

The accolades and titles accumulated by the seniors were also written on the posters, showcasing the years of work many seniors have put into the publications program. The posters were orchestrated by other members of the publications staff as a surprise for the senior members. 

“I wasn’t expecting it, even though we had gotten our pictures taken,” said senior Allyson Schniepp, the sports editor of the Ledger. “We take a lot of pictures for publications, so I didn’t expect anything to come out of it…it felt really special to be recognized.”

Seniors will celebrate their accomplishments on May 24 at a senior celebration after school.