Pitbull Comes to Town

Pitbull performs the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater for his tour ‘Can’t Stop Us Now’


submitted by Alix Queen

Pitbulls preparing to go see Mr. Miami himself in concert.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

Did you hear about one of the biggest concerts of the year? Pitbull hit town on Saturday, Sept. 3 and performed at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater to more than 25,000 people. His tour was called “Can’t Stop Us Now.” 

Pitbull is a 41-year-old rapper who has been performing for almost 20 years. He has won many awards including one Grammy and 1 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. He has many nicknames which include Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 305, and lil’ Chico.

The concert was sold out and some people lined up as early as 5:30 p.m. to get good spots if they had lawn seats. The lawn was so crowded that people described it as a “mosh pit.” Every seat was occupied, so there was no chance of getting your seat upgraded. 

People from all ages, races, genders were at the concert. However, the majority of people were teens-young 20s.

The weather was perfect for this outside event. It was in the 70s and was one of the only times it didn’t rain that weekend.

Liberty students dressed at Pitbull (from left to right): Maddie Gamache (12), Sydney Eilermann (10), Alix Queen (12), Julia Wiley (12), Kylie Pashia, Lauren Wiley (10), Rhett Cunningham (12), and laying across Natalie Hoffman (12). (Alix Queen)

Many people took on the trend of dressing up as Pitbull for this event. They would wear suits, sunglasses, bald caps, and even draw a beard on their face just to look like him.

Pitbull’s opener, Iggy Azalea, took stage first around 8 p.m. and performed a few of her popular songs including “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” The crowd was very hyped and Iggy was loved.

There was about a 30-minute break and a DJ played many popular songs/mashups to get the crowd hyped. Many were on their feet dancing while others were sitting to rest their legs before Mr. Worldwide came on.

Pitbull came on stage at about 9:15 p.m. to a screaming crowd. He started with his song “Don’t Stop The Party.” Almost everyone was out of their seat dancing and singing along. 

The rest of the night he played some of his most popular songs such as ‘Timber,” “Hotel Room Service,” “Fireball” and “On the Floor.” Many people compared the concert to a club or a party. One thing everyone can agree on was that this concert was fun and exciting. 

The concert ended with the song ‘Time of Our Lives” with tons of lights and confetti at around 11 p.m. Pitbull said a quick thank you to everyone who came to see him. The parking lot was one of the longest and hard things to get out of, taking some people almost more than an hour to get out.

This concert will be remembered by most and lots of people are waiting to see when he gets back in town.

Here is what some of Liberty’s students thought about the concert:

“I thought the concert was pretty cool and Pitbull did a great job at performing, but I wasn’t a fan of Iggy Azalea’s performance.” Lucy Bowen (10)

“The concert was amazing. It was the first concert I have ever been to, so I didn’t really know what to expect but once I got there it was nothing like I could have ever imagined. It took awhile for Pitbull to come on stage and that wait was excruciating but when he finally made his grand entrance my heart stopped. It was perfect.” Megan Geisler (11)

“’Fireball’ was the one song that I was super pumped for and Pitbull’s performance did not disappoint.” Anna Fleetwood (10)