It’s Corn!

Liberty’s choir goes viral twice in one week on TikTok


Anna Simms

Liberty’s Chamber Choir goes viral twice in one week with the trending “It’s Corn” TikTok audio.

Anna Simms, Reporter

If you are on any social media, especially TikTok, you have seen trends come and go. Recently on TikTok, you may have recently come across a trending song called “It’s Corn.” 

For Mr. Datz, the choir teacher at Liberty, this became an inspiration for the choir.

“The [It’s] Corn song was trending a week or two ago and it got stuck in my head,” Datz explained. “I thought it’d be really fun to arrange it into a choir song and have these kids in the chamber choir sing it.”

That is just what he did. After lying awake in bed with the song stuck in his head, Datz jumped out of bed to arrange the song, all of which was composed by ear, taking him around 10 minutes to get to the final product. 

After showing the students in the Chamber Choir the original TikTok by Schmoyoho, the choir began to learn the music. 

“I just thought it was adorable,” Kennedy LeMaster, junior, described after seeing the TikTok. 

Within about 20 minutes of having the music, the choir had perfected the four part harmony and went to record their performance on TikTok, posting it on Aug. 26. By the time Monday rolled around, the video had become viral, receiving over 250,000 likes and almost 900,000 views. 

“I thought it would just make some people laugh,” Datz jokes. “I didn’t have that many followers when we did that… I didn’t expect many people to see it.”

At the time of posting the video, Datz only had around 50 followers on his TikTok page. From the great response, Datz posted another video of the choir singing on TikTok. Surprisingly, this TikTok reached even more people, amassing over 1.7 million views within a week and 225,000 likes. “It’s not everyday that someone goes viral twice in one week, especially within the first two weeks of school,” LeMaster recalls. 

Between these two videos, Datz has reached over 5,000 followers. With all of this attention, companies such as Hulu and Cinnabon had commented on the video, as well as a variety of verified TikTok accounts. 

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing than this TikTok,” LeMaster laughed.