Lack of Custodians Creating Challenges

School is looking at add at least three more custodians


Joey Brooks

After a busy lunch, custodian Matt Boswell empties a trash bin.

Joey Brooks, Reporter

During the 2022-2023 school year, Liberty has been experiencing a lack of custodians. This is forcing teachers to clean up after classes because of trash left by students.

Matt Boswell, who is the head custodian during the day, says that his staff has extra work to do due to the low numbers. 

“The lack of other custodians makes it harder on everyone who works here, harder for me and harder for teachers,” Boswell said. 

Students are also having to be more diligent about cleaning up.

“Since there aren’t as many custodians to go around and clean up after the students like me, now we will have to clean up our own mess and take responsibility,” sophomore Keaton-Francis-Kato said. 

Principal Mr. Nelson has sent out an email to LHS staff that says the school is in need of three custodians, especially for the second shift.

“If you know of a family member, family friend, or anyone who might be interested please direct them to the enclosed hyperlink and apply for the Custodial Position at Liberty High School Job Id: 8846,” Nelson wrote in the email.

Now with students taking responsibility, they need to be weary of their surroundings, not only for the sake of the custodians but for humanity as a whole. As pollution and littering becomes more prominent, the students of Liberty need to step up and take charge.