The Reason Behind the Net


Cara Turner

Alexis O’Mara (12), Payton Grotewiel (11) and Jillian Kalbac (10), run a track workout in front of the net.

Shae Earle, Reporter

As you may have noticed, a net has been put out on the far right side of the football field. The reasoning behind this is small, but definitely effective. 

This is the first year that Liberty has implemented this net, after wanting to have it practically since Coach Tutterrow’s first season coaching in 2016. He claims to have gotten the idea from Lindenwood and thought it would be a great addition to the program. 

The whole reason the net was put up was to allow the people who participate in cross country to be on the shoulder of the turf without interfering with other activities or having other activities interfering with them. It gives athletes participating on the field a sense of safety, from both ends. Now the players on the field don’t have to chase after the ball, and the runners don’t have to worry about getting hit by a ball. 

Coach Webster is always talking about how during practice and meetings before and after need to be distraction free. Now the cross country runners are able to stay focused with the barrier up. 

Senior Alexis O’Mara has been running cross country all four years of high school claims that the net helps when they are having team meetings, to not distract them.

“One time a ball gently rolled onto the track and the soccer boys ran over scared that it was going to hit us,” O’Mara said. The net gives people peace of mind. 

The net has more than one purpose for just one sports season. Coach Glavin claims, “It’s also going to be used to block the high jump pit during track season.”

Although it might not seem important, the net has an effect on all of the activities going on, on the turf after school.