Liberty Honors Military Veterans at Football Game

Military appreciation highlights the night as the varsity football team falls 49-7


Emily Hammock

Liberty’s Matt Craig (12), carries flag to show appreciation to our veterans.

Rylee Shipes, Reporter

A loss was not the only thing important about the varsity football game on Oct. 7, but the fact that it was an appreciation night to all of those who have served in the military, past or present. 

The team selected four players to represent the Eagles, and they were escorted by veterans to midfield to perform the ceremonial coin toss.

The student section dressed in camo theme for military night at the varsity football game Oct. 7. (Emily Hammock)

Wentzville resource police officer Patrick Budds attended the game and understands the importance of recognizing those who serve. 

Military appreciation is important because “it shows the high school kids that there are people in their community that serve for them, and hopefully gives them that idea to serve themselves,” officer Budds stated. 

Officer Budds enlisted as a Marine when he was 17 and served for four years (1992-1996), and was ranked a corporal until he was honorably discharged. His favorite memory from when he served was when “there was a hurricane, and we were on the east coast and so my buddies and I thought it would be a really good idea to climb the ropes we had in front of our barracks. So, when the hurricane winds started up, it would whip us around until some of my buddies were slung off of it, and one of the guys actually broke his arm,” revealed Budds laughing.

Our own principal, Dr. Nelson, on the other hand, enlisted when he was 17 in the Army and served for 10 years (1988-1998) and was ranked as a Staff Sergeant E-6 until he was honorably discharged. An interesting story from when he served was when he “got to Germany in 1988, and I was on the East Germany and Czechoslovakian border patrol, and I was there when the (Berlin) Wall came down and I got to see East Germans run across the border. These people were essentially locked in a prison of a country and didn’t really have freedom. So, to be able to witness them getting their freedom, and be there during a change in history was really neat,” stated Nelson. 

In the game, the Eagles played the Fort Zumwalt East Lions and we sadly lost 49-7.

The Lions scored the first touchdown of the game, but Liberty soon tied the score out 7-7 by the end of the first quarter. However, by the end of the first half the Lions had the lead at 28-7.

By the end of the third quarter, the Lions had scored another two touchdowns, increasing their lead to 42-7, and in the last quarter they got their seventh touchdown of the game. The Eagles fought a hard fight against North, but even though we didn’t win we were still able to have a night to appreciate our local veterans.