Dice n’ Dance

Homecoming is just around the corner


Emma Carter

The spirit week day banners on display in the cafeteria.

Emma Carter, Reporter

And the theme is CASINO!

Festivities and excitement rolls throughout the school in this week of anticipation. Each hallway is decorated in dice, playing cards, and everything casino! Homecoming is prepped and coordinated each year by our hardworking Student Council staff.

Senior Alexis Shuster, a member of StuCo stated, “The process of picking the homecoming theme seems super easy, but is definitely not. We basically have a big group discussion in class and throw out all our ideas of themes and taglines for those themes.” 

StuCo senior Emily Northcutt explains, “Our thought behind it was like a night out. Winning big and having a fun time!”

Students are waiting in expectation to see what StuCo has prepared for this year’s casino homecoming. 

“We hope since it’s our last one it will be a night to remember, the best one yet,” senior Anthony Peoples expressed.

Blake Cunningham adds, “I’ve been excited for the whole week. It’s been pretty fun. My favorite day was jersey day.”