LynLapid: First Headline Tour

Lapid takes the stage for her very first headline tour


Lyn Lapid’s tour dates and locations for “The Outsider Tour.”

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

Lyn Lapid, 20-year-old singer and songwriter, took the stage on her first ever headline tour called “The Outsider Tour” in New York at the Mercury Lounge on Oct. 14. There was also support from her friend Mad Tsai who will also be performing with her. 

The Outsider Tour consists of four concerts that will take place between Oct. 14 and Nov. 4. Both singers will be visiting cities like New York at the Mercury Lounge, Washington at DC9, San Francisco at Brick & Mortar, and lastly, Los Angeles at the Moroccan Lounge.

Within less than a week of ticket sales, Lapid’s tour has already sold out and she is looking forward to her next one. She also posted on her Instagram page asking about “what cities should I go to for my next tour?”

Lyn Lapid on tour with Ricky Montgomery in St. Louis. (Bryleigh Conley)

Her new single “Detached” has also just made its way to music platforms on Oct. 7, including big platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Including her new single, Lapid also has a few more singles, as well as an album called “The Outsider,” and a few cover songs that are also available for listening, which she will be singing on stage in addition to her other unreleased songs that she asked her fans about.

Though this is Lapid’s first headline tour, it is not her very first tour. Earlier this year Lapid was an opener for song artist Ricky Montgomery who was on his “Back in Business Tour” around the United States. On May 12, both singers visited St. Louis, Missouri at Delmar Hall putting on a great performance.

Lapid’s music consists of a pop and indie genre. Toward the end of 2019, Lapid started posting on the popular social media app known as TikTok, which helped jumpstart her music career. She now has a following of 4.7 million followers, and 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Lapid also writes her own music and plays many instruments, including playing the guitar while performing.