Record Amount of Trades Made at the NFL Trade Deadline

Teams look to upgrade their rosters for a second half push to the postseason


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The 49ers have upgraded their offense after making a bold move to trade for Christian McCaffrey.

Craig Nickels, Reporter

The NFL trade deadline just passed and there were a record amount of trades in one day with 10 different trades happening. The most notables from that day include TJ Hockenson to the Vikings, Calvin Ridley to the Jaguars, Bradley Chubb to the Dolphins, Roquan Smith to the Ravens, and Chase Claypool to the Bears. 

Those are the most notable of the transactions while there were some trades that happened prior to that with the big one being Christian McCaffrey (CMC) being moved to the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers definitely have the talent to win the Super Bowl as their team is miles better than the 2019 49ers that played the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Although Jimmy Garoppolo is still starting under center, they have insane talent on the offense and defense. The only thing holding them back right now is injuries and maybe quarterback play from Garoppolo with Trey Lance out for the season. If the 49ers had Aaron Rodgers, there is no doubt in my mind that they would be the NFC champions. They’re just missing that “it” factor when it comes to a championship winning team. 

The moves made at the trade deadline made the Vikings a very legit contender in the NFC along with the 49ers. As for the AFC, Bradley Chubb is a very good pass rusher and adds a lot of firepower to the Dolphins defense. Expect the Dolphins to make a real push to keep up with the Buffalo Bills. Speaking of the Bills, they acquired Nyheim Hines and traded away Zach Moss which was a very smart move as Hines can be used as an elite pass catching back option for the pass heavy offense that the Bills have. Roquan Smith is also a very notable name when talking about big acquisitions as he helps round out this lopsided Ravens team. 

None of these moves except for the CMC move really made me think about changing my predictions for the rest of the season. Everyone made very solid moves but not a lot changed. The 49ers offense is looking very scary as they still have a top 5 tight end in George Kittle. The Vikings might run away with the NFC North as they are looking like one of the top dogs in the NFC and adding TJ Hockenson will only elevate them.