‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Finally Comes Out

The sequel to one of the highest grossing movies of all time has finally released


20th Century Studios

“Avatar: The Way of Water” came out on Dec. 16 and it has been the top movie in the world for more than three weeks.

Emerson Stubblefield, Reporter

Thirteen years after the first Avatar movie came out, they finally made a sequel, in hopes of also a third!

I watched “Avatar: The Way of Water” in theaters. It was quite an experience. I’m so happy they finally came out with a second movie. I feel like I have been waiting forever for a sequel.

The beginning of the movie started out very happy. Both Jake and Neytiri got married and had three beautiful healthy babies. Two boys and one girl, but they also adopted Grace’s baby girl who died before she could transfer to her avatar. 

I think this movie had a huge plot, a lot of meaning and non-unnecessary scenes. Which brings me into the middle part of the story, starting off when they had to leave their home to go to the reef of Pandora (the other side). 

When Jake Sully is wanted by the “Sky People,” he runs and gives up his place in being the clan leader and takes his family to the reef of Pandora where they can be safe – well he thinks they’re safe. 

After being accepted into the Metkayina tribe, they stay there all safe and sound, until the Sky People try to find Jake and his family. 

The end of the movie is very sad. So many things happen like loss of family members and tragedies of the homes. I recommend this movie to people who live adventure and science fiction, you should definitely watch this movie! I rate this movie a 9/10. Warning: You may cry.