Protests, Disappearances and More: What’s Been Going on with China?

Protests, disappearances, and more, what’s been going on with China?

Many citizens of China want their well-deserved freedom. They want to be free from the regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ashhar Khan

Many citizens of China want their well-deserved freedom. They want to be free from the regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ashhar Khan, Reporter

There has been some recent source of controversy regarding the current state of China.

China has been having problems of its own and it’s been trying to silence the opposition. An example of this is the protests against the COVID policy finally being done by the citizens of China. Although these have been done a few months back, the after-effects are still damning. One such example is the “quiet detainment” of several Chinese protestors as part of the government’s fast attempt to conceal and get rid of all dissenters and everyone else a part of the protests after the Urumqi fire incident. An example being a Chinese woman and her friends already disappearing one by one due to the government’s involvement in getting rid of these so-called dissidents.

The woman in question made a video related to this, stating how in the protest she and her friends followed the rules of said protest – making sure to cause little conflict with the police – and even though they did that it still got them arrested. One by one her colleagues started disappearing, she made her video knowing she would be taken just like the rest of her fellow journalists she knew. She claims how, “If you’re seeing this video, I’ve already been taken by the police.”

A friend of hers, who’s been trying to find her after her disappearance, claims that the police and the government want to “turn them into emotionless machines,” her face being censored as well so she isn’t able to be found by the government. China’s government has been doing whatever it takes to get rid of dissent, acts of protest, freedom of speech, and more. It’s not right to deny someone from being free of corruption and other things which could hurt innocent lives is criminal. It’s sad that the Chinese people have been oppressed by their government for so long, and now they are being oppressed once more after their acts of wanting freedom. It’s truly appalling.

Sadly, this isn’t all that China has been doing, Recently a few months ago a group called Safeguard Defenders have recently made allegations of uncovering hidden oversea police stations created by the Chinese government. They have stated that these places are located in at least 54 countries, as the members of Safeguard claim that these stations harass and intimidate Chinese citizens that are away from their homeland, back to returning there.

With these allegations and research being looked into, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempted to do so during a meeting with Chinese President Ji Xing Ping, who in turn told him that these police networks are only used for processing paperwork or for cracking down on corruption. Our FBI director Christopher Wray has also stated that China has been doing shady things in the U.S. in order to get its citizens back.

With investigations still being looked into what could possibly be something terrible and hostile, we can only hope that this isn’t an issue we’ll have to face. However, there is no doubt China could do this, given the things it’s done before.

It’s also sad we cannot do that much for China’s people who protest against the COVID policies and more, to get rid of its tyrannical dictator-like government. We are lucky however that journalists attempt to spread this news even when people try to stop them. We can only hope that China’s future is not under a communist regime and that its citizens have a much better life.