Fund The Run

Two Liberty staff members commit to run 100 miles and raise money for Liberty’s Booster Club


Sarah Downs

Mr. Eldredge (left) and Mr. Glavin (right) pose with the medal they won for the race back in 2020.

Megan Geisler

Megan Geisler, Reporter

Mr. Eldredge and Coach Glavin have committed to running 100 miles on the Ozark Trail to raise money for the Liberty High School Booster Club. They will be traveling all the way down to Mt. Ida, Arkansas to compete in the annual LOViT 100 mile race this Friday and Saturday. 

This isn’t the first time Mr. Eldredge has taken on this challenge either. Last year he ran a total of 107 miles and raised $4,660 for the Booster Club. Coach Glavin also participated that year but only ran a total of 34 miles. This year he plans on running the full 100 miles.

Mr. Eldredge stands next to the Huzzah Conservation area sign, where he finished his race in 2020. (photo by LHS Booster Club)

“As many of you are aware, our Liberty High School Booster Club works to raise funds to help all of our sports, extracurricular, co-curricular, and clubs.” Mr. Eldredge explains, “We want to help replenish those funds, and then some!” 

So far this year the Booster Club has helped pay for new track uniforms, funded a choir and DECA competitions and helped pay competition fees for students going on a journalism trip. None of which were required of them but they did regardless. 

“One word, impressed,” senior cross country athlete Alexis O’Mara states in regard to hearing about the race.

“As a runner, I run 20 miles in two weeks, not in one day nonstop. They are insane and incredible at the same time.”

They aren’t just running though, both Glavin and Eldredge will have live updates posted on their Twitter account so that viewers at home can follow their journey and donate as they go. You can also view their live progress here. Please consider donating at the link here to keep these Liberty staff members running and help support the Booster Club. 

Twitter Updates:  @EaglesLibertyAD.