Berghoff Wins Support Staff of the Year

Secretary Lisa Berghoff wins Support Staff of the Year after working everyday with a smile on her face


Sydney Davis

Ms. Lisa Berghoff poses with her celebratory gift basket after winning Support Staff Member of the Year.

Alix Queen, Talon Yearbook Weekly Content Editor

Faculty and students gathered the front lobby on Tuesday morning to celebrate Ms. Lisa Berghoff receiving the Support Staff of the Year Award. For Berghoff, this was a big shock as she was told another staff member was going to win earlier in the day to add an element of surprise. When Berghoff received the award, she accepted it with a smile on her face and a basket full of her favorite goods. 

“I appreciate the award because it means people are appreciating my work and the difference that I make. It’s very humbling and it’s very appreciated,” Berghoff said when asked what the award means to her.

In her six years of being at Liberty, Berghoff has been the backbone of this school, making sure classes have a teacher and each machine is working properly in this school, allowing students and staff the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Every day, walking into school brings Berghoff a chance to make a difference for every student.

“My favorite part is coming to school on a daily basis because you get to see all of the kids and all of the staff and it’s a very special place here, you don’t get that in every school,” she continues. Berghoff sees something special in the staff and students at Liberty, and works to make sure that every person can see how special the school truly is. 

While Berghoff does a lot behind the scenes of this school, she still cares for and loves her work here.

“Liberty to me is my family, they’re my extended family. I love them, each and every one of the kids and the staff and that’s what it means to me. You take care of your family and that’s what we do here.”

With this award, Berghoff will continue to take care of Liberty and continue to care for it just as much as before, just as a Support Staff of the Year would.