Ms. Petty Sponsors EF Tour to Belize

The trip is planned to last for eight days in July 2024


Gavin Block

A sign advertises “Adventure in Belize” in the upstairs space between the 200 and 400 hallways.

Gavin Block, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

Frontier eighth-grade English teacher Ms. Petty is sponsoring an educational trip to Belize set for July 9-16, 2024, that students have the opportunity to go on.

The eight-day expedition, called “Adventure in Belize,” possesses an itinerary that includes activities such as cave tubing, observing ancient ruins, zip lining, wildlife viewing, a jungle survival course, the Belize Zoo and snorkeling.

Petty says that she decided to lead the excursion to Belize after her first EF tour to Costa Rica in summer 2022 was a positive experience.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better maiden voyage with EF,” expressed Petty. “The itinerary was so organized and all of the adventurous activities planned for us kept us going from the time the sun rose in the morning until it finally rested at night.”

Petty noted that being introduced to indigenous fruits and vegetables, spotting exotic animals such as monkeys and toucans, whitewater rafting, kayaking in Arenal and a tour revolving around coffee, pineapple, and chocolate all contributed to an exciting, novel adventure in Costa Rica for her, the students and the adults who went.

Sophomore Brandt Cleppe was one of the members of this educative journey.

“It was beautiful, and every activity was something new and exciting,” Cleppe remarked. “I think the trip was very eye opening to me because of being able to see a different culture and how they live their lives. It was very refreshing to see a new culture and way of life that is so different from our own and also just being able to get away from everything and live through a totally new experience.”

Petty had originally scheduled a trip to Peru that involved spending a week in the Amazon rainforest as her second tour, but plans broke down after their government collapsed. Following much thought, she decided to offer a visit to Belize due to its similar adventurous atmosphere to Costa Rica and Peru.

Freshman Patrick Emery is already signed up for and ready to go on the Belize expedition next summer.

“I think all of the activities on the itinerary are all things I see myself enjoying and remembering forever,” Emery stated. “There are many things I see myself learning on the trip, including survival skills and learning the ins and outs of Belize and what it has to offer, but as to what I see myself taking away from this trip will last forever.”

Petty mentioned the general pricelessness of seeing and experiencing new places and new journeys through the perspective of a young person.

“There is nothing like it,” she reflected. “Students definitely learn a lot about their strengths on these trips, and I think that I can speak for every adult that traveled to Costa Rica with me, we learned just as much about ourselves.”

A meeting on March 15 in Petty’s room gave further information and insight about the organization of the trip. For those interested in participating in the Belize tour, you are able to email Petty to obtain details at [email protected].