Speedy ‘DD’ Has the Need For Speed on the Track

First-year sprinter Diana Kemp goes out for track to get faster for her other sports


Sydney Davis

Diana Kemp (9) prepares to take the baton from Addy Long (9) in the 4×200-meter relay in a meet at Liberty.

Vanessa Jackson, Reporter

Diana Kemp is a freshman who is one of Liberty’s first-year sprinter track athletes. Her favorite event to sprint in track is the 200 meter dash.

“I wanted to get faster for my other sports,” Kemp said. “I will have enough time to accelerate and I won’t be dying after.”

Her least favorite event to sprint is the 400-meter dash.

“You have to sprint a whole lap and you feel awful after,” Kemp said, whose nickname is DD. 

“It’s a nickname I’ve had since childhood and some of my friends picked up on it.”

Kemp’s goal by the end of track season is to beat personal records, run faster and learn a good running form. Her advice to incoming freshmen is, “Do it because you will create good friendships and it’s good to try new things.”

Sprinter coach Steven Wurtzel said “she is doing really well” and has a great work ethic.

“Diana Kemp is a hard worker,” Wurtzel said. “She works day in and day out and her hard work pays off.”

His advice for incoming freshmen wanting to do track is to just do it. “Just do it because you never know,” Wurtzel said.