Class of 2023 Celebrates Decision Day

Students publicly announce where they will be attending college in the fall


Sydney Davis

All students attending college in the fall pose with foam fingers, representing their colleges with colorful merch.

Emma Carter, Reporter

Decision day is significant to high school seniors all across Missouri. The day recognizes seniors and their after-graduation ambitions. Students get to share their commitment to a variety of career paths such as a college or university, the military, a trade school, beauty schools, and the workforce. 

This year Liberty celebrated decision day on April 28 during Soar time in the small gym. Walking in, students were met with banners which they wrote their name and decision on. The banners were later displayed in front of the student center. After filling out your banner, students were given a mini foam finger that read “MO Decision Day.”

Kyndall Stubblefield will be attending Saint Louis University in the fall.

“I like the feel of SLU, it felt very prestigious,” Stubblefield said. “I’m still in St. Louis so I don’t have to drive very far.”

A fellow senior Emily Cumberland was asked what she would be majoring at her chosen school, Maryville.

“I chose to major in occupational therapy at Maryville because my sister went there, and also I want to be able to work in a childrens hospital without actually being a nurse or doctor,” Cumberland said.

Continuing into the gym there were two maps, one of Missouri and the other of the United States, here you were able to mark the location of your institution. Lunch was provided for the students, consisting of pizza and lemonade. 

The hour concluded with a group picture of all the seniors. Students could then take individual pictures at the photo booth set up.