A Festive Feeling

School decorations bring cheer for the holiday season


Molly Morris

Mr. Barnes stands next to his Grinch-themed personality door.

Chris Randolph and Molly Morris

With the holiday season here and Christmas bringing the cheer, everyone is getting ready to have the best season yet. Even here at Liberty High School, everywhere you go there are decorations at every corner.

100 Hallway

The 100 hallway or “The North Pole” is decorated with green paper covering the ceiling lights giving it the perfect glow. Bright white holiday lights are strung wall-to-wall enhancing the cheer of the hallway. The doors each have their own special character/item relating to winter and the holiday season.

Mr. Webster’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas” door.

200 Hallway

The 200 hallway has white streamers flying across the ceiling with red paper over the lights. As you walk through the hallway, you’ll be greeted by colorful doors counting down the 12 days of Christmas. Along with that, the many other doors can be spotted with some of your favorite Christmas songs like “Let it Snow” and “Frosty the Snowman”. The hallway was named “Deck the Halls” which is another holiday song favorite and is perfect considering both Mr. and Mrs. Hall’s classrooms can be located there.

300 Hallway

There is no doubt about it that the 300 hall holds the best name. “Hollywood” is both a play on Christmas holly and the beloved city of movie magic. Each door has a special movie title along with a backdrop resembling a quote or favorite character like Mr. Webster’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas” door.  It is similar to the 100 hall having lights sparking on the ceiling.

400 Hallway

If you need a little something to laugh at, take a walk down “Winter Punderland” or as you may know it, the 400 hallway. With blue paper covering the lights, snowflakes swaying from the ceiling, and with every door you see there is a pun waiting to make you laugh. A few fan favorites are Mr. Barnes’ door which perfectly resembles his sometimes grouchy personality and Mrs. Kasper’s Beyonce door. 

What the students had to say:

“They’re jazzy,” said Grace Pickering, who mentioned noting that the 400 hallway was her favorite.

“You get into the holiday mood,” said Cameron Jones whose favorite hallway by far is the 300.

Mrs. Kasper’s Beyonce’-themed holiday door.

“Really gets you into the cheer,” Megan Chambers said. “They make you forget you have finals coming up.”

“They make the school a happier place.” freshman Wyatt Haynes said, who is experiencing the Liberty holiday cheer for the first time.

“The decorations are very unique. Students put a lot of work into it and it looks nice,” said Bridget Morris, whose friends helped set up the decorations.

Some of the best doors are Gault-123, Kling-147, Jennings- 224,  Hall-204, Tiemann-320, Webster-330, Tutterrow-343, Creen- 322, Grenenbacher- 323, Peggs-412, Barnes-429, Kasper-404, and Jarrett-412.