Road Warriors

Liberty goes 2-0 for the first time ever as they beat the Westminster Wildcats


Eric Mason

Nick Lovell catches a 20-yard touchdown pass from Donavan Arrington to give Liberty a 21-7 lead in the third quarter.

Donny Robinson, Reporter

Normally if you were to go to a Saturday afternoon football game you would probably be watching a college or middle school game, but not a high school game. That is where the Liberty Eagles found themselves however as they played the Westminster Wildcats who were also 1-0.

That did not stop the Eagles though as their offense put up 21 points and their defense came to save the day once again in a 21-14 victory. For the first time in school history Liberty begins a football season 2-0. 

Now just like last week Liberty had to wait until second quarter to score.

Donavan Arrington had this drive taken care of as he had an 11 yard dash which he topped with a 64 yard keeper that gave the Eagles their first score of the game and then came along an extra point by Josh Paubel. With 10:07 left in the second quarter, it was 7-0 Liberty.

Josh Paubel’s kick on the ensuing kickoff was short and Westminster was now positioned close to midfield.

Westminster’s quarterback Lane Davis slid on a run attempt but got up slow and was brought to the sideline and was out for the game.

Enter new quarterback Nick Ford.

Ford then had a bad snap that went over his head and was scooped up by Liberty’s Zach Dotson who took it 20 yards to the house for the team’s second touchdown of the game and Liberty’s first defensive score of the year. Josh Paubel puts it through the uprights again and now the score is 14-0 Liberty.

“I felt proud of us, we came together like brothers,” Dotson said after the game. In addition to the fumble recovery, he had an interception, sack and seven tackles. And he then shared his thoughts on how he felt after his outstanding plays. “Exhausted but I kept pushing through.”

Eric Mason
Zach Dotson (55) returns the fumble recovering for an Eagles touchdown.

Later in the second quarter, Ford redeemed himself as he threw the ball Zach Braiser’s way and it was tipped but he managed to catch it and he went 23 yards to the end zone. An extra point by Andrew Kempen and the Wildcats had their first points on the board for the matchup and cut the deficit to 14-7 with with 2:23 remaining in the first half.  

The only scoring in the third quarter was when Arrington connected with Nick Lovell for a 20-yard score to increase the Liberty advantage to 21-7 after a Josh Paubel extra point.

It was Arrington’s lone touchdown pass in the game.  

The only scoring in the fourth quarter was Westminster’s Zion Thompson finishes the Wildcats drive with a goal line leap for a 1 yard touchdown sponsored by a Andrew Kempen extra point.

With 2:36 left, Liberty still led 21-14.

As a surprise to many, the Wildcats did not go for the onside kick and Tyler Cotton returned it for little.

The Wildcats waited to use their time out until after second down and forced a punt upon Liberty with 1:32 left to go.

Josh Paubel didn’t receive the snap well as it was fumbled and he was tackled at the Liberty 19 now with 1:26 in the game.

On the final drive of the game and on fourth down, Nick Ford hands the ball off to Zion Thompson who was met by Hunter Perkins and was the game-saving play with eight seconds remaining and the ball was turned over.

The game was finished out with a knee by Donavan Arrington and the clock running down to 0.

“We’ve been working hard this whole year. This is what it’s for,” Perkins said.

Liberty plays Friday at 7 p.m. against Troy at Troy Buchanan High School. Troy is also 2-0 with victories against Roosevelt and Warrenton.