Grass Is Green?

Students see the world around them in a new way – with color


Katie Swanson

Scout Schwab seeing the true colors of Liberty and it’s surroundings for the first time.

Leah Miget, Reporter

Could you imagine a world where the grass is orange or blue instead of green or maybe a world without any color at all? Some students and staff at Liberty see the world that way, with no color or with their colors all mixed up.

Junior Cole Chastain brought EnChroma glasses into Mr. Barker’s class on September 12 for other students to try on. EnChroma glasses are meant to let color blind and color deficient people to see color the way the rest of us can. Students who tried on the glasses were seniors Nolan Bone, Marlee Doniff, Chase Roellig, sophomore Alex Miget, Charlie Helm and freshman Scout Schwab.

Freshman Scout Schwab is color deficient and was allowed to go to Mr. Barker’s room to try on the glasses. Even though she only found out she is color deficient a year ago, she had never seen colors for what they really were before. She was amazed at how the EnChroma glasses changed the way things looked.

“Wow! I was wrong about a lot of things. I didn’t realize the grass was that green and the building [Liberty] was a reddish tint, not orange,” Schwab said.

Katie Swanson
Charlie Helm looking outside while trying on the EnChroma glasses.

Other students tried on these glasses, including sophomore Charlie Helm who found out he was color deficient around first grade when other kids would point out colors and he would think they were different colors. When he tried on the glasses, he thought it was really cool.

“It was awesome,” Helm said. “I was seeing a bunch of new colors and everything, all the colors, popped. Everything looked different. I remember looking at the cars and and a bunch of colors popping out that I thought were gray. I noticed that a lot of the colors on a daily basis are pretty bland but when I put the glasses on, the colors had more vibrance.”

Both Schwab and Helm said they would consider getting the EnChroma glasses to use on a regular basis.