Rookie Of The Year

New volleyball coach brings positivity and passion to the court


Ally Schniepp

Coach McFarland, first year varsity volleyball coach, warms up the varsity girls for the big game against Holt.

Ally Schniepp, Reporter

Who is Hannah McFarland? In case you don’t know, Hannah McFarland is a new social studies teacher and coach at Liberty. Coach McFarland may not have as many experience as some other teachers at LHS, but her impact is so much more.

“I love the way she coaches,” Rose Holben said, a sophomore on the varsity volleyball team. Holben has been playing volleyball since seventh grade and has never had a coach as passionate about the sport as McFarland.

Holben doesn’t just see McFarland after school as a coach, she also sees her during the day as a teacher. McFarland tends to be more strict when it comes to teaching, but brings the positivity and passion with her in everything she does.

“I wouldn’t change anything. She’s a great coach,” senior Sonya Timchenko said about McFarland. Timchenko has had a number of different coaches at Liberty throughout her years here, but enjoys how kind, encouraging, and positive McFarland is on the court.

Although McFarland has only been at Liberty since August, she has put a positive spin on the environment both in the classroom and on the court. McFarland recalled thinking when she first got to Liberty that the staff and students were all welcoming and the community was unique and friendly.

In McFarland’s rare free time she enjoys running, spending time with her family and friends, and most of all playing with her dog that she calls her “furbaby”. But it isn’t always easy to coach and teach, especially being a new teacher.

McFarland says being a new coach and teacher is pretty challenging because “I have to learn two new things at the same time.” You would never know from looking at her or asking her players, but it’s difficult for coach to keep up with everything.

“I’ve learned to manage my time,” said McFarland on the matter. She puts 110 percent into everything she does, which shows why she is striving in a situation that others would struggle in. Also, it helps having great captains on the team to help out, like Riley Miller and Jessica Gibson.

Coach McFarland is most excited to see the players grow and improve throughout the season. McFarland’s end goal for the season is the girls will have improved their serving consistency.

McFarland lives her life by one motto, said best by Amy Poehler. “Limit your always and your nevers.”