2018 YouTube Rewind

Students analyze popular video on YouTube

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2018 YouTube Rewind

Freshman Sruthi Ramesh watches the 2018 Youtube Rewind video.

Freshman Sruthi Ramesh watches the 2018 Youtube Rewind video.

Morgan Harris-Guyton

Freshman Sruthi Ramesh watches the 2018 Youtube Rewind video.

Morgan Harris-Guyton

Morgan Harris-Guyton

Freshman Sruthi Ramesh watches the 2018 Youtube Rewind video.

Morgan Harris-Guyton, Reporter

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As it came close to the end of the year for YouTube it’s about the time for YouTube Rewind. This is where a bunch of creators or known as “Youtubers” or “Vloggers” come together and sum up what happened in the world of YouTube. Freshman Sruthi Ramesh and junior Bridget Morris share their opinions on the video. As of Jan. 23, the video currently has 15 million dislikes and 2.5 million likes. 

What were your thoughts on the rewind of 2018?

Ramesh: “It’s been a letdown since 2014 because I’ve watched YouTube for the last eight years.”

Morris: “She liked the concept of it, but didn’t have any big creators.”

What were your thoughts on the people who made the video this year?

Ramesh: “I like how smaller creators made it in the video, but they didn’t get the whole point of Youtube rewind.”

Morris: “I knew some people, but mainly David Dobrik.”

Who were the people you were looking forward to be in video this year?

Ramesh: “Wasn’t looking forward to anyone this year.”

Morris: “Wishing I could see David Dobrik and Shane Dawson even though that isn’t his kind of thing.”

What year do you think was the best year for YouTube rewind?

Ramesh: 2014 “Because it had the biggest YouTubers in the video, the plot, people, etc.”

Morris: 2016 “Liking the music they put in the video.”

Do you think they summed up what happened this year?

Ramesh: “Yes, it was summed up just in a way to make money.”

Morris: “No, because they didn’t get everything that had happened.”

If not, what did they skip on/miss?

Ramesh: “No, it was just a letdown because they needed to redo the whole entire thing the people needed to be switched out I didn’t care for who was in the video.”

Morris: “The songs are the main thing that they missed.”

If you could change anything that was in the rewind like the people, plot, etc. what would it be?

Ramesh: “Everything was needed to have something changed with what was happening for the plot because it was stupid with the whole Fortnite stuff. The whole point of the campfire, everything that has to do with the plot needed to be completely redone. And the fact that Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ isn’t the most hated video is actually gross.”

Morris: “Add more people that are well known. What needed to be changed was be more creative, the music, etc.”

What YouTubers would you switch out and replace them with?

Ramesh: “All the Viners but Liza Koshy should’ve been replaced. Will Smith needs to be out.”

Morris: “I would switch out the people who made it in for, Shane Dawson, Miranda Sings, David and Liza Koshy.”

Where do you think it went wrong?

Ramesh: “The plot was really weird, how they had Fortnite and the different dance challenges.”

Morris: “I think they made it very awkward for the different groups of people.”

Where do you think it could’ve gone better?

Ramesh: “Everywhere. They need to stop using it for money.”

Morris: “The people, more music needed to be added, and needed to stick to one thing and not confuse people.”