A Passion For Strings

Aria Ellis has a love for her music


Haleigh McCune

Aria Ellis has been playing viola for 8 years now and does not plan on stopping.

London Powell and Elizabeth Hamby

While most students like to listen to pop, country, or even rock, Aria Ellis has a different style that she likes to pursue; classical music.

One day at my elementary school they were showing the different instruments to play and I chose the viola,” Ellis said. “I was so in love with the sound, how the pitch wasn’t as high as the violin, and not as low as the cello.”

Ellis has been playing viola for about eight years now and currently plays in the Lindenwood orchestra, since Wentzville doesn’t have an orchestra. She has also played at the Desmond Lee festival where she was second chair.

Not very many high schoolers can say they enjoy playing their instruments, but for Ellis it’s different.

“I enjoy how relaxing it is, as soon as I pick up my instrument I am instantly at peace,” Ellis said.

Being a viola player has benefitted Ellis in more than one way. Since she’s a musician, she can read music very well, which enabled her to join choir here.

“Years of playing has really helped me grow as a musician,” Ellis said. “Since Wentzville didn’t have an orchestra, I joined the choir. Me already knowing how to read music helped me a lot. I soon learned how to read music from a different perspective.”

Ellis’s current success is even more impressive due to the fact that she took a few years off from viola and focused on choir instead, but even then her talent shined through once she performed her first concert with the Lindenwood orchestra.

“It was such an amazing experience I loved every bit about it. At first, I was very nervous because I had taken a couple of years off and focused on choir, but it all came together,” Ellis said. “It was such a rush playing with a group of people who shared the same passions for stringed instruments like you.”

Ellis plans on attending Alabama A&M University where she wants to get a degree in political science.

“I don’t believe that the school I’m attending has an orchestra so I’ll most likely end up joining a community group” Ellis said.

Her passion and drive is crystal clear to others, Ellis puts her heart and soul into her music.

I met Aria at Hazelwood Southeast Middle School when she was in the orchestra and I was a long-term sub for her orchestra teacher,” English teacher Mr. Eversole said. “It was a challenging environment to learn, but the orchestra was very passionate about what they did and Aria in particular was very driven to become a better musician.”

When you’re as passionate and dedicated as Ellis, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

“Her passion for music and her ability to work hard to succeed mean that she will be successful at whatever she sets out to accomplish,” Eversole said.