An Eye Opening Experience

Students prepare for summer trip around Europe


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The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam is one of the many places students will be visiting over the course of the trip.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

At the end of every nine month school year begins another relaxing summer. This summer students from Liberty have the chance to take a trip around Europe. This trip as well as any other student trip is a big deal.

Teachers who chaperone student trips introduce the idea very early in high school so that students who are interested have a year or so to save. This year chaperones who are leading a long trip to Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Normandy include Mr. Barker, Ms. Borders and Mr. D’Antonio. The trip is from June 18-27.

Last year during English class Lauren Spakowski received a letter that invited her onto the trip and explained the details.

“I never thought I was going to go but my parents said this is a once in a lifetime experience and if I do good in school I could go,” Spakowski said.

The group of students will be visiting different museums, the Anne Frank house, the beaches of Normandy, and other sights. The group was also supposed to visit Notre Dame but will no longer be able to due to the recent fire which severely damaged the infrastructure.

“I think the trip will go very well, I’ve been looking forward to it but I am a little bit sad that we won’t be able to see Notre Dame,” sophomore Meghan Coyle said.

No matter what kind of places you go to, school trips can be a positive experience that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

“I think it’s going to be an eye-opening experience. It (school trips) is a great way to get world experience and to expand what you know. I’ve only been around Missouri and at LHS so it’s good to see cultures I’ve never known,” Coyle said.