An Inspiration To A New Generation

A Frontier Middle School teacher is making a difference in students’ lives every day


Eijalanrain Jeffs

Ms. Kaiser is an 8th grade teacher who has impacted students lives for the better. Kaiser keeps her students focused and entertained during class.

Eijalanrain Jeffs, Reporter

Catrina Kaiser, an eighth grade teacher at Frontier Middle School, is inspiring students every day. When she walks into the middle school’s doors, the first two things she thinks of are to start fresh, and she is excited to try again.

“I love that my day is different every day,” she said. “I enjoy helping people in any way I can.” 

Kaiser hopes that her students feel safe and loved. She says that something she wishes upon all students is that they are successful and find happiness. No matter how old her students are or where they are, she wants them to know she is just an email away.  

Kaiser has been teaching for nine years. She teaches English and social studies. She first noticed she wanted to teach while in kindergarten seeing her teacher read and sing to the class. 

While Kaiser doesn’t think she is a favorite teacher, her students can say otherwise.

“She was my favorite teacher because she made the class interesting and kept my focus,” freshman Brooklyn Rudolph said. “She always made me laugh and we had a lot of freedom. She inspired me to make the best of situations.”

Freshman Austin Shields believes that Ms. Kaiser is a great teacher because she not only communicated with her students on a personal level, but her teaching style taught students how to efficiently use my class time. 

“Throughout high school and even later in life, I will use the skills that she taught me,” Shields said.   

Kaiser said she would cry when asked how she would feel to know how much she impacted or inspired her students. 

I feel that most students just want to know you care about them,” she said. “I care about their education, but most of all I care about them as a person.” 

And that is why Catrina Kaiser is a wonderful, inspiring teacher.