Conquering the Conference

The varsity girls tennis team make an unprecedented standing in GACs


Coach Campos

After winning the GAC North-Central Division championship, the girls tennis team show off their first place plaque and medals.

Ianne Salvosa, Co editor-in-chief of The Ledger

The varsity girls tennis team took home the first place plaque after winning the GAC North-Central Division championship on Sept. 30. While gold medals are not an uncommon sight around the team that recently defeated numerous schools around St. Charles County, the girls made history as they dominated the conference.

“Our program has never won medals in each match at GACs,” Coach Campos said. “It was awesome.” 

With a successful 11-1 season preceding the conference championship, the team was able to prepare themselves by playing five straight matches in the final week of the regular season. For freshman Izzy Gamm, preparation includes going out and practicing everyday, getting ready not just physically, but mentally.

“The preparation paid off because I personally had good results but also as a team, our game has improved throughout the season,” Gamm said. Gamm played No. 1 singles and doubles, earning a first place medal for both matches. Even though the formidable freshman had accomplished much, she does not let it change how she practices.

“I had an overall good record but despite the results, I always give my best,” Gamm said.

Some team members even took to participating in private lessons in addition to the team’s daily practices. Senior Britney Thai believes her extra effort outside of practice was evident in her performance.

“It made me more confident on the court and it helped me improve my technique,” Thai said. Thai played No. 4 and No. 5 doubles with partner Madeline Dubois, finishing in third place. She attributes their success to how their own strengths complement one another.

Moving forward, the team will compete at districts, individually and as a team. Individual districts took place on Oct. 3 at Helias Catholic High School, with Gamm and her partner Grace Flinn taking home the district championship with their doubles match. 

As for the team, they will have to win the district championship starting on Oct. 6 to advance to sectionals and from there, state. Coach Campos is confident the team’s efforts will propel them towards more success.

“You’ve put the time in during the season to get to this point and need to keep the momentum wave going, so when the players are out there, no matter what situation is presented they will make their adjustment and know what to do,” Coach Campos said.