HOSA Makes Changes For Upcoming Year Due To COVID-19

How the new health and safety guidelines are affecting HOSA


Sruthi Ramesh

HOSA is an international organization that is committed to helping students achieve their goals for the future.

Lily Moore, Reporter

Liberty High School offers many after school clubs and activities, HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) being one. HOSA is the “future healthcare professionals” organization and provides an outlet for many students, giving new opportunities for kids who either don’t know what they want to do, want to be a healthcare professional, or just want to know their options. 

In this club, they do many things such as STEM nights, blood drives, and fundraisers. Every year they hold a HOSA State and Internationals Conferences. These are seminars & competitions where members can learn about different professions and paths in the healthcare field. 

Last semester, due to COVID-19 all competitions for HOSA State had to take place virtually. Even still many students from Liberty placed in their events & won awards. A student even won an award at the international level.

My favorite part of HOSA is getting to have a positive impact on the community,” HOSA president Kailey Cain said. She also reiterated, “we get to have a direct positive effect.” 

However, this year due to COVID-19 and the new health limitations, there have been some changes. 

“We normally have evening meetings in person but because of COVID we are holding virtual evening meetings through Google Meet,” HOSA sponsor Ms. Strathman said. “HOSA also normally hosts the fall blood drive at Liberty High School but we are unable to have the blood drive this year because of COVID.” 

COVID-19 has changed the clubs this year a lot. Strathman also gave insight on the HOSA events that have been impacted. 

Dr. Scott Roos meets with HOSA students over a video call on Sept. 29 to discuss his job as a family practitioner. Roos originally had a job at NASA and later switched over to medical school. He talked to HOSA students about being a non-traditional student in med. school and later went into family practice.  (Sruthi Ramesh)

“COVID has also caused the Fall Leadership Conference that the HOSA officers normally attend in person to be held virtually this year. There are other events that have been affected as well, such as not being able to work a water station at the MO Cowbell race like we normally do,” Strathman said. 

They are combating this the best they can. 

“We are trying to find new, creative ways to keep having social events, community service opportunities, and other events while remaining safe and healthy during this time,” Strathman said. 

For example, on Sept. 29, students were able to video call with Dr. Scott Roos- a real doctor with over 17 years of experience. He is the father of a student at Liberty, is a family practitioner doctor located in Lake St. Louis.

Clubs like these are very important because they provide a place for students to express themselves and find out who they are and what they want to do. 

“I think this club encourages students to look into what they would potentially want to become and find more information about that interest,” Cain said. This is also great for students’ mental health by letting them connect with other students with similar interests. 

Ms. Strathman enjoys watching the students take charge and have ownership over the club. 

“It’s fun to watch students grow as leaders and to see friendships form because of HOSA,” she said. “I also enjoy seeing the students network with professionals and gain interest in fields that they could end up going into in the future.” 

By doing this it provides students with friends and builds their teamwork. 

“Students in HOSA tend to be in similar classes, so this gives members a community that can help them when they need it,” Cain said. “And with our meetings and events, the members really bond and create friendships with people who share similar interests.”

HOSA is a safe place for all students to explore their options and learn new things.