Growing Local Cheesecake Business Continues Its Success

Vic’s Cheesecakes offers a variety of cheesecakes to choose from


Kylie Dawn Beard

Vic’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake at Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs’ wedding.

Kylie Dawn Beard, Reporter

One of the most difficult desserts to make is cheesecake. It takes a lot of skill to get the crust just right. You have to make sure you bake it just right so that your cheese doesn’t fall off your crust either. Victor Vosbrink has been baking cheesecakes since 2002. The first time he made one for a group of people was to bring it to his daughter’s college party. People loved his cheesecakes and he’s been making them here and there ever since. In 2018, he finally decided to make a business around it. Vic’s Cheesecakes are local, out of St. Charles Missouri. 

What made you decide to really form this into a business?

Vic: “I’ve always loved to cook, and I’ve always loved to bake. I’ve always been amazed with baking. How you can take a bunch of different ingredients, mix them together, and bake it. Then it turns into this amazing, beautiful dessert.

What would you say is your favorite part of your business?

Vic: “My favorite part of my business is seeing the happiness that a delicious cheesecake brings to people. The smiles on their faces, and the look of anticipation. How they just can’t wait to eat it!”

What is your favorite cheesecake that you make so far, or your most highly recommended?

Vic: “There are a few. I really love making a basic New York Style Cheesecake- you can do a lot with that. You can top it with just about anything (but cherries or strawberries are the way to go). But I also recommend my Honey Lavender or White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. The Honey Lavender has everything that would be in a basic cheesecake, with the exception of the honey. I use fresh honey that I get from a farm that has its own bees. They harvest the honey right from the honeycomb, it tastes great! I also use a little bit of lavender extract to give it its unique flavor.

The White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake is pretty much a basic cheesecake, but it’s swirled with my homemade raspberry sauce and topped with fresh raspberries.

Vic makes his cheesecakes out of his home kitchen and has catered events like weddings and been on ESPN for a tasting contest. His business grows weekly. For more Vic’s Cheesecakes, visit his Facebook page @Vic’sCheesecakes.

“All of my cheesecakes are made to order, from scratch and all with fresh ingredients,” (including eggs, fruits, honey, and more). “I think it really gives my cheesecakes a unique flavor.”