The Legacy Goes On

2021: Super Bowl LV


Brett Cira

Tom Brady led Tampa Bay to a 31-9 victory in Super Bowl 55. Brady has won an all-time best seven Super Bowls in his career.

Brett Cira, Reporter

On Sunday night, Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to his seventh Super Bowl and the team’s second title, in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time? He certainly supported that claim Sunday night, scoring three touchdowns and eventually leading his team to victory.

The Kansas City Chiefs did not show up Sunday night after only scoring three field goals and nine points in the entire game. It really is a new feeling to see them get shut down. Tampa’s defense played great all game long and never gave Kansas City a chance from the beginning. The Buccaneers got to an early lead and never looked back, ending at a final score of 31-9.

Some have criticized that the penalties were very harsh to the Chiefs early on in the game; but even so, that’s no excuse to lose by 22. Chiefs Safety Tyrann Mathieu picked off the ball in the first half only for it to be called back by a penalty. They beat themselves early on and it’s so hard to flip the momentum when you’re playing like that.

Looking at the statistics from the game, it was so much closer than expected. Minus first downs on penalties, Tampa had only one more, and they both had 11 drives. KC had 10 more total yards, and had a lot more passing yards with a more efficient running game.

There are four key stats that made the score what it is: 1. Kansas City was 0-3 in the Red Zone; 2. they had 11 penalties for 120 yards; 3. 2 interceptions; and 4. they had 3 less minutes with the football. Kansas City never gave themselves a chance.

This was not the Super Bowl to watch, that’s for sure. But seems fitting with the last year we had. This was the least-watched Super Bowl since 2007 and there are many factors that made that conclusion.

But with all that being said- Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time? The decision is yours, but it’s becoming more and more clear every year.

Without a doubt, he’s been the most accomplished quarterback ever and has seven Super Bowls in 10 appearances. And although he’s been so good throughout his career and he’s never really played for a bad team, he has been caught cheating multiple times. But his performance Sunday night proves that he is not done leaving his mark on the NFL turf.