Senior Produces Black History Month Videos

Lena Granberry pairs with Sarvani Kunapareddy to make educational videos



Senior Lena Granberry has worked on videos educating students and staff on Black History.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

This year senior Lena Granberry is going the extra mile for Black History Month. She was supposed to release the videos on the AI days, but the snow days made her change her plans. She decided the best way to go about things was just to put them out as soon as possible.

We’ve released all of the videos that will be released this month,” Grandberry said.

Each video will have a different subject which will be as follows; “What does Black History Month mean to you?”, “What is BLM?”, and “What does BLM mean to you and why does your life matter?” Granberry also has another project in the works that she hasn’t made public yet. 

“I hope that after the videos people will feel more comfortable asking questions and have a genuine yearning to learn more,” Granberry said. 

There’s been a push in the education of Black social issues, especially after the protests back in the summer of 2020.

I think Black History Month is different this year because a wider population is beginning to understand the injustices that African Americans face,” senior Sarvani Kunapareddy said. She is the President of Diversity Club and has been helping Granberry with the videos. “I am also working with Lena to figure out who all we will interview for these videos. We are living through history right now and I hope these videos better educate students on it.” 

I hope to educate the student body and the staff of Liberty this year with the videos. It’s really important to me that people learn about Black History because ignorance is bliss,” Granberry said.