Be Kind Week

Apr. 5-9 is ‘Be Kind Week’

Sruthi Ramesh, Editor-In-Chief of LHStoday

Get your outfits ready, because next week is Be Kind Spirit Week! For an entire week, Liberty students will be encouraged to participate in activities and challenges to spread kindness throughout the community.

Motivation Monday (4/5)

Dress Up: In Nice Clothes


Gratituesday (4/6)

Dress Up: In gear from an activity you participate in at Liberty


  • Create a social media post for a person you are grateful for.
  • Start a Gratitude Journal.
  • Write a Positive Comment on a Website (
    • The internet is full of negative comments. Let’s change that. Next time you see a stellar social media post or read a well-written article, let the person know! Together we can create a kinder world wide web.

Anonymous Wednesday (4/7)

Dress Up: Like someone you admire


  • Participate in a “Pay it Forward
  • Complete a Random Act of Kindness: hold the door, compliment a peer, click here for more ideas.
  • Thank an LHS Teacher
    • In A.I. fill out a thank your card to a Liberty Teacher. Turn the cards into your A.I. to be delivered later in the week

Thank-A-Loved-One Thursday (4/8)

Dress Up: Like an elder


  • Send a thank you text to a loved one.
  • Thank an LHS Support Staff Member.
  • Do one of your chores without being asked.
    • Dishes, laundry, trash, the options are endless. Help out your “roommates” and pick up some of the slack.

Feel-Good Friday (4/9)

Dress Up: In LHS Spiritwear or in a “Be Kind” Shirt


  • Self-care activity
  • Breathing exercises
  • Start an Exercise Routine.
    • Whether it’s three times a week, once a week, or even five minutes a day, taking care of yourself will help you reach your full potential. Go on a bike ride, a hike, run, play a sport, walk around the block, swim, rollerblade, do yoga, the possibilities are endless.
    • Mrs. Hall’s example