Women’s Workshop Starts Conversations

The Activism and Diversity club paired up to motivate and begin discussions about the impact women make in society


LHS Publications

A student draws picture of Princess Diana, a woman who inspires her to hang on the bulletin board.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

The Activism and Diversity club came together to host a women’s workshop to empower women and increase knowledge on female role models. The event was hosted in the Liberty commons on March 17 and put together by the president of the Diversity club Sarvani Kunapareddy and president of the Activism club Arthi Kondapaneni.

The goal of this event was to start conversations and not only learn about influential women but also the women around you. They did this by setting up stations with activities to help each other learn and talk. The stations were creating artwork of a woman who inspires you, doing Kahoots, sending a letter to a woman you admire, and a talk station where you could learn about the people around you and their experiences being a woman.

Sarvani Kunapareddy talks with Aiche Beye during the Women’s Workshop on March 17. (LHS Publications)

“It was really interesting to have insight from various different students because there were some freshmen and sophomores that I would have never talked to if it weren’t for that event,” Kunapareddy said.

A lot of planning went into this event. Kondapaneni and Kunapareddy collaborated to make this workshop possible. After reaching out to Dr. Kiely and sharing their ideas, they started making flyers to promote the workshop. They used social media and encouraged participants of their club to join the workshop. They also had a sanitary products drive where they asked people to bring unopened pad/tampon boxes or money to donate to women in need. 

This event was successful in not only educating and bringing awareness, but also creating close bonds between women at Liberty.

The event reaffirmed my belief that women are amazing, resilient people. I loved seeing everyone gather in a place to reflect on being a woman in today’s society,” Kondapaneni said. “I learned that every person in attendance had a different perspective when it came to life as women. It was inspiring to hear the stories of my peers and teachers.”

The Diversity and Activism clubs were very pleased about the outcome of this workshop and hope to have more like it in the future.